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July 10, 2009


Jane, don't you just love the fact that you are in Scotland and that you are sitting out in the sun doing anything. A lovely day here is wishaw as well, enjoy your weekend - the sweet peas are lovely - jacqui x

Snap! Well, drawing Christmas things that is, not the sun (it's pouring!), or snowmen exactly. Our weather today is far more appropriate to winter so I have the deepest envy Jane! x

I shared your house buttons on my blog today with credit to your blog of course. Everything you make is wonderful, thank you for taking the time to share with passers-by.

at last i have figured out why i could not post - turns out that Firefox just does not like typepad!
anyhoo - thank you so much for stopping by - we all loved having you here amongst the hounds, plaster board and general chaos - it was truly wonderful to spend time with you all and we hope to do it again soon :)
as for Christmas .... yikes!
much love to you
t x

I LOVE the white willow herb...I love willow herb anyway bt I never knew it came in white.
Hope you are well Jane, have been thinking of you, meaning to get in touch and ask if you would do a workshop for us sometime next much for Snowmen I am planning spring.

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