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May 07, 2009


Goodness It's more like a peony definitely (think I am turning into Yoda as I keep talking in reverse!). Really will have to get hold of some of these for next year.

totally beautiful photo

Hi there Jane,
What beautiful tulips. I have several white one sout in my garden....but they're not a spretty as those.
Isn't May a wonderful month in the garden? I love going round the garden most days and just enjoying seeing what is coming into bloom next. at the moment I have some lovely patches of Lily of he Valley out...the fragrance is divine.The garden is full of forget-me-nots pretty.
Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog, pics of your garden, flowers nad the wedding photos etc. ( How do you condition your hellebores? I find them quite difficult to condition well)
I am a floristry student, about to complete my first year...and hopefully , if there is a big enough take-up, start year two in September. Your pages are such an inspiration.
Wish I was nearer so I could come and see!!
Keep up the goo dwork.

that is a beautiful flower cx

I'm lost for words - THAT is a TULIP???!!! WOW! How utterly fabulous.

Oh! that peony was so pretty. Wish somebody also give me like that. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post.


Tulips and roses don’t actually have a major difference in their reproductive parts. That’s probably one reason why your white tulips suddenly look like roses. This photo, on the other hand, still resembles a tulip for me. Considering that it’s a monocot, I saw that the parts that are in multiples of three. I love the arrangement you made, btw. :D

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