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March 13, 2009


very pretty!
have a great weekend, Cherry

I love the cherry blossom! My willow twigs are now turning into lambs tails and a few leaves are sprouting too. They have been on the mantle piece for two weeks now and have lasted so much longer than flowers and I think they are actually nicer for this time of year, it's like bringing a piece of spring indoors and watching it emerge up close. Have a lovely weekend, Catherine

I think that about the mess that is my house Jane! The cherry has been incredible so far this year. Hopefully that means the year out that most of the prunus family took last year will not happen again this. Hoping for a bumper crop of damsons for jam making. Have a great weekend x

No worries about any blurry window, all my eyes can see are those lovely blooms.

Have a fabulous weekend!

After your post about sticks I went out to the garden and cut some Amelianchier - and now they're opening up and being just beautiful. So thank you for the timely reminder.
P x

Oh Amelianchier will be beautiful - do the leaves come out red?
I planted some amelanchier on the boundary here when we moved in but deer ate them to the ground the same night and though they are still alive it will be a few years before I can pick and branches to bring indoors.
J x

That's the thing with Amelianchier - the flower buds come first, so am waiting to see if the leaves will come red, as they do when left on the tree.
Don't you just love the sense of anticipation in Spring? All this 'wait and see' is wonderful.
P x

Wonderful flower.
It looks so fresh.
I love the flower.
And you have a beautiful blog.

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