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January 22, 2009


sounds like it was very worthwhile for you Jane on a business and personal level. looking forward to hearing more about how you got on. just printed off 100 order forms will a big spelling mistake - aaagh!

How very exciting. Glad you enjoyed it and its sounds worthwhile from a business perspective too.
The whole collaborative/competitive thing is interesting. As you have put links to two of the nice collaborative people on your blog, then so I have looked them up as will many others, and so they get more hits and hopefully more sales. They may not be sales today but we all like being introduced to new and interesting; so it pays to be nice...!
Best of luck going forward Jane

The image of Gollum lurking in the corner made me smile! I must admit there were one or two people a bit like that at a vintage fair I went to - not very friendly at all!

I'm really glad you had a good time, think I need some tips on getting things going!

Hi Jane. I knew it would be a success for you. Well done. As to whether or not to collaborate, you would think it was an obvious no brainer wouldn't you? Happy sewing xx

It was great to meet you at TD, Jane and glad you had a positive experience. I'm doing BCTF for the first time so will be great to see you then again. Hopefully i'll hvae had time to put in my order to you before then :-) Karen x

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