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August 30, 2008


One of the biggest joys in my life are birds.
My neighbour and I have cultivated a thriving community of sparrows… feeding and (neighbour) not replacing falling tiles as a family of sparrows have moved in.
Even starlings that many look down on are a delight to watch and are so full of character and really family orientated.
I would so love a few chickens.
I have seen the book you speak about but feel I would be a blubbering wreck I read it.
The crow family would rule the world if they had thumbs…

I was just about to buy it!.. I'd be very interested to read it, and so would Neon. Did you hear the R4 programme this morning at 10.30 by a beatbox man who studied the mimicry of bird calls? The birds were better than the programme - a starling doing a 2 stroke engine, and a lyre bird that does different types of camera shutter!

Chickens make the most elegant photo compositions. Green, black, red, white. Wow.

Gigi - it isn't a sad book - I didn't cry once and I cry at pretty much anything.
Caireen - I'll get it to you - definately worth the read.
Denise - you are so right - they make the most wonderful compositions all on their own,

I loved the extract about the adoption of a magpie that appeared in a Sunday newspaper. They are fascinating and intelligent birds. Oh dear - that was supposed to be a sincere comment but I can see now that it could be misread.

Just stumbled upon your lovely blog (from a long chain of clicking :)

Can I just note how insanely jealous I am of your SWEET Airstream!!!???

I read a wonderful interview in the paper with Esther Woolfson, made me want to read the book. Though I'm with Euan on flying and flapping birds. Getting a little better as I get older! I'll settle for chickens.

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